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The United Lodge of Theosophists in Los Angeles is an active group of students who maintain classes and study groups in both Spanish and English. Some classes are in person and online like our new Sunday night gathering  , many are Online only.  The ULT in Los Angeles has an online bookstore where most of the critical literature of HP Blavatsky and William Quan Judge can be purchased, both nationally and internationally.   A massive virtual library of online line materials is available through which is a project started and maintained by ULT students.

Contact Information:

Theosophy Hall Los Angeles is located at 245 West 33rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90007   You can call the Lodge at 213-748-7244   You can contact the Lodge via email going to this address:  OL (On-line) IP (In Person)

Web Address:



  • Martes:  Respuestas a Preguntas de El Océano de La Teosofía 7-8 :30 pm

    Miércoles: Meditación sobre las Estancias de Dzyan y la Ciencia de la Mente 11-1:45 pm

    Miércoles: Isis Sin Velo de HPB. Presencial y por Skype 7-8:30pm

    Sábado: Primero y Segundo de cada mes: Estudio Comparativo de Textos Teosóficos, Vedanta y Budismo Tibetano.  La Sabiduría de la Doctrina Secreta y su Aplicación en la Vida Cotidiana 2-4:30 pm.

    Domingo:  El Océano de la Teosofía de William Q. Judge 10:30-12 pm



  • Sunday:

  • Study Group: Weekly: H.P. Blavatsky Articles  12:30-2 pm (OL)

  • NEW! Lecture and Discussion: Conversations on Occultism I & II  by WQJ 7:00 pm (323-510-5322) (IP &OL)

  • Study Group: Weekly: The Pearls of Wisdom from The Secret Doctrine, Dzogchen, and Vedanta 10:00-12:00 am (OL & IP)

  • Special Events:   Monthly: Meditation Manuals of the Indo-Tibetan Traditions, First Sunday of the month.
    Potluck from 12: 30 till 1:45pm 
    ( IP)

  • Monday: 

  • Study Group:  Weekly:  Echoes of the Orient William Q. Judge  12:30-2:00 am (OL)

  • Tuesday: 
     Study Group: Weekly: Answers to Questions in the Ocean of Theosophy  Robert Crosbie  7-8:30 pm (OL)

  • Wednesday: 
     Study Group: Weekly : The Secret Doctrine 7:00- 8:30 pm (OL)

  • Thursday:     Four Once a Month Study Groups:  All Four Classes 5:30-7:00 pm  February – November (OL)

     1st Thursday: Monthly: The Enduring Questions: How, Why, Who and Where of Theosophical Philosophy

     2nd Thursday: Monthly:  Theosophical Therapeutics:  Mind/Body/Soul Connections

     3rd Thursday: Monthly:  Theosophy in Cinema

     4th Thursday: Monthly:  Meditation, Contemplation and the Secret Doctrine

  • Saturday:   

  • Secret Doctrine Study Class Last Saturday of the month 10:00 am to Noon

  • Spring and Fall Lecture Series First Three Saturdays of  April and October  (OL)

  • International Great Teacher’s Day and  International White Lotus Day (OL)

  • ULT Day and Winter Solstice Celebration